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Art Room After School

We are thrilled to announce that Art Room is expanding our offerings to include an after-school program: providing weekly standards-based arts education at no cost to students or their families. This program will launch on September 26th 2023 and run through the academic year. The program will be divided into 5 units lasting 6 weeks, with a capacity of 30 students per age bracket. By segmenting the program, we hope families can avoid conflict with other seasonal extra-curricular activities.

Unit 4: Clay

March 5th - April 25th

In Unit 4 we will use air dry clay to create decorative and utilitarian pieces. Students will learn the foundational skills of hand building through slab rolling, slip and scoring, coiling, and more. Instructors will lead demonstrations on projects such as animal sculptures, pinch pots, and boxes with lids, with opportunity for self led projects that will be painted and sealed.

Unit 2: Tuesdays

March 5th - April 23rd

Unit 2: Thursdays

March 7th - April 25th

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