Art Room is dedicated to enriching the social, emotional, and academic development of Clatsop County's elementary aged students by providing comprehensive, standards-based art education through daily classes, weekly workshops, and monthly special events.


Art Room’s instructors have backgrounds in English Language Development, Special Education, Montessori School instruction, and Trauma Informed Care - training and experience that informs our dedication to making meaningful art education accessible to all. Many of our classes are offered free of charge or by sliding-scale suggested donation, and scholarships are always available. Our programming is for every kid - with any ability or disability, from any cultural or socio-economic background. We believe everyone deserves art, and we envision a reality in which all of Clatsop County’s youth get the opportunity to experience art early on, often, and in meaningful ways.


When we found out some of the elementary schools in our community don't offer art programming - we decided to do something about it. Art is an essential part of education and should be offered in all public schools to all age groups - most crucially at the elementary level.  Research shows that comprehensive art education enhances student performance in ALL other content areas. By creating a space solely dedicated to art-making (an art room) we provide students with access to educators, materials, peers, and mentors that they may not have otherwise. We are here because art education is crucial to human development, central to cultural understanding, and a powerful catalyst for social change


Art is more than pretty pictures. Art is more than step-by-step lessons where success is measured by how well one is able to copy what they see. We handicap our kids with this narrow definition. Art is process and problem-solving. Art is the vulnerable act of taking risks and revising the results. Art is a conversation. The term "comprehensive" refers to the depth, breadth, and complexity of a standards-based art education. We adhere to the NCAS standards for visual art and believe that, "Exploration of visual arts and design processes is about invention, creation, and innovation. Building on the development of ideas through a process of inquiry, discovery, and research leads to the creation of works of art, and, whether using traditional materials or the latest technologies, prepares students to be independent, lifelong learners... Studying art and design involves inquiry, posing and solving problems, perseverance, re-purposing, taking risks, and persuading and inspiring."

(CDE Visual Arts Academic Standards 2020-21)